Hartman-06-3 christmas oraments-jpeg.JPG

Al Hartman
Booth B56

Wood bowls, laser cut wood Christmas ornaments, wood wall frames, band saw boxes, wood boxes.


Mark and Amy Woodturning
Booth A32

Wood turned pens, pencils, ice cream scoops and seam rippers.

Red Rooster.jpeg

Old South Birdhouse Company
Booth A64

Bird houses from old reclaimed tobacco barn wood along with old antique parts.


Red Oak Wood Shop
Booth A44

We create furniture and art work from reclaimed wood and found objects

civilization 1.jpg

Dakota Merritt
Booth B4

Carved wood sculptures using  power tools, torches, and sandblasters.

White Oak Salad Bowl.jpg

Carolina Grain Co.
Booth B52

Carolina Grain Co is a one-man woodworking company specializing in functional art for the kitchen.


Greg Musgrove Custom Guitars
Booth B40

String Guitars made using many different objects: gas Cans, toys, cookie tins, hub caps, lunch boxes and more.

6 Various candle holders.JPG

Stephan Moll Woodworking
Booth B66

Various wooden objects turned on a lathe - bowls, platters, bottle stoppers, spheres, candle holders and more.

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Sew Chic
Booth A67

Salvaged, reclaimed wood and moldings from old houses and barns, then transformed into unique decor.

Flute 1.jpg

Bedford Avenue Flutes
Booth B25

Each flute is hand crafted from a solid block of wood. Primary tools are the lathe and hand files.

2Puggles lighting.JPG

Booth B9

Wooden jewelry, functional wood art, wood tables and lighting.


Booth B14

Recycled and salvaged materials to craft jewelry embellished with intricate wooden mosaics.