Gretchen Quinn Pottery
Booth B6

Combining patterns and clean shapes to craft wares that are a pleasure to both use and admire.

Delores J. Hayes 4 Festifall 2018.jpg

Delores J. Hayes Ceramics
Booth B51

Wheel-thrown decorative and functional ceramics.

blue swirl.jpg

Marie Wright Pottery
Booth A72

Crystalline glazes porcelain pottery.


Flying Leaf Studio
Booth A19

Hand-built tiles and throw pots which are altered. Clay body is formulated for Raku firing.


Joan Walsh Pottery
Booth B49

Wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware and porcelain. Mostly functional fired to cone 6 and 10.


Pickle Pie Pottery
Dede Richardson

Wheel-thrown and hand-built stoneware. Food safe & fired in a cone 6 electric or cone 10 gas kiln. 


Pink Moon Ceramics
Booth B2

All pottery is created either on the wheel or hand-built using traditional methods. All pieces are functional, meant for every day use and fit in the modern home.


Wei Sun Pottery
Booth B11

Wheel-thrown functional potteries with optional alteration and hand build.


Booth A25

Functional ceramics that tell stories using textiles and plants on clay. Hand-built, one-of-a-kind pieces that explore what common objects mean to us.

Ainspan Turquoise and white mug pair.jpg

Exclaymation Pottery
Booth A4

Elegant functional pottery for the discerning pottery lover.