Don't miss out on some of North Carolina's freshest acts at the West End!

Don't miss out on some of North Carolina's freshest acts at the West End!

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Sound System 7

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Veteran musicians, including former Archbishops of Blount Street, deliver the skankin'est sound around! If it hits on the twos and fours it's ours and it's yours! We are Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill's CHOICE Ska band. If you're seeking enlightenment or if you're questioning our street cred, read on. If you just want to know why you should care about us, here it is... We play music. Ska music. Reggae music. Rock music. Pop music. It's ALL pop music or it isn't worth anyone's time. You listen, you dance and we play. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's all there is to it. If you party with us we promise only those without a pulse will keep still.

(J) Rowdy


Joshua “Rowdy” Rowsey is an underground North Carolina recording artist, actor/improviser, and writer featured on NPR, DJ Booth, Indy Week, and various national publications–most recently performing at the Del Close Marathon alongside improvisers such as Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation). Rowdy is a founding member of the national hip hop collective No9to5 Music. He initiated the UNC-Chapel Hill cypher, which unofficially broke a Guinness World Record for longest group freestyle (decision pending) and was nominated for an Indy Week award. Rowsey has shared the stage with Rakim, Busta Rhymes, Murs, Snow Tha Product, Asher Roth, and a plethora of other national recording artists.

David Wimbish


After spending 7 years writing and playing for chamber rock project, “the Collection,” vocalist David Wimbish began looking deeper. Leaning on the familiar honesty and drive of his previous work, Wimbish’s songs take the grand orchestrations of his group and condense them into a raw and sometimes gentler form. The new space around these songs allows David’s voice a free expression, sometimes through aggressive passion, sometimes through gentle falsetto, but always with an honest longing.

Tan & Sober Gentlemen

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Hailing from Snow Camp, North Carolina, the Tan and Sober Gentlemen pioneer a sound they call "Celtic punk-grass." Raw and unfiltered, this style is a blend of hard-driving, danceable roots music from both sides of the pond, delivered with a punk edge and whisky-fuelled abandon. They are particularly noted for their rip-roaring live show, featuring all sorts of on-stage shenanigans, audience engagement, and above all tremendous energy. As far as folk music goes, the Tan and Sober Gentlemen are the best drinking and dancing band you''ll find.

Hudson & Haw

Hudson & Haw is singer-songwriter Thomas Hudson Strayhorn based out of Durham, NC. He released his debut album in April of 2016. While these recordings boast a full band including bass, cello, electric guitar, and percussion, he plays solo shows that provide more intimate insight into the way his songs are written.

Stephanie Morgan


Stephanie Morgan (former frontwoman of pop-noir band stephaniesĭd) writes songs for the darkness in you that's trying to find the light. Her quirky, deep reaching lyrics are delivered in acrobatic style, ever-responsive to the musical moment, and are backed by a 7-piece band of players who are equally effective stewards of large, transportive swells, funky soul breakdowns, and pin-drop silences. In the last decade, Steph has toured the US as well as the UK and Ireland, with appearances at festivals such as Bonnaroo, LouFest, All Go West, and Shakori Hills Music Festival. With stephaniesĭd, she was featured on NPR’s World Café, All Songs Considered, and WXPN. The band has been featured in Jane, PASTE, and Blurt magazines, and their songs have been soundtracked for TV, film, and gaming, notably in Sony Playstation's Until Dawn, Nissan Games award-winning “Red Helmet”, and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie. She is currently supporting her 2017 solo release, Chrysalism.