Localmotion Stage

Check out this stage for performing artists including dance teams, puppet shows and more. These groups combine music and movement that will surprise and delight!


The Cane Creek Cloggers

The Cane Creek Cloggers are a performing dance group and non-profit organization, specializing in traditional North Carolina, Appalachian-style clog dancing and striving to promote an understanding of the diverse cultural heritage of the American South. We provide energetic, entertaining, and interactive performances with original choreorgraphy and come outfitted with a live old-time band.  


Carolina For the Kids

Carolina For the Kids (CFTK) is the largest student-led and student-run philanthropic organization in North Carolina, and a major donor to UNC Children's. Funds raised by benefit the patients and families of UNC Children's in the form of divisional grants and ongoing grants that cover needs not met by insurance.Carolina For The Kids is truly a community effort and showcases the passion of those involved.


Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts

Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts is a local music school teaching all levels and styles of music to students of all ages. We provide a vibrant learning environment where keeping the joy of music alive is always a top priority!


CHFD Puppet Show

A talented crew of firefighters and volunteers presents this fun, musical story, which has received recognition from the NC Jaycees Burn Center, NC Office of the State Fire Marshal, NC Governor’s Office for Volunteers, and the International Association of Fire Fighters.


The Spin Man

The Spin Man is the basketball handler extraordinaire, rivals the Harlem Globetrotters. (No joke!) Noel can spin twelve basketballs simultaneously and can balance a spinning basketball on an open umbrella, a pool cue while on his nose and much, much more. Noel gets children and adults involved in his performances by getting them in control of spinning basketballs.


Huepa Culture & Arts 

Huepa represents joy and celebration in the form of Colombian performing arts that has students from all ages, races, and origins and the purpose of promoting their cultural identity.

Dancers of Unity

Sacred dance, song, and story bring people together all over the world at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and life passages, and in daily renewal and meditation. The Dances of Universal Peace are part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance. 

Prema Natya Indian Dancers

Prema Natya Dance School is based in Hillsborough, NC. They strive to teach the ancient art of Bharata-natyam, the dance of India, and share this beautiful dance with the public. Bharata-natyam, literally meaning the 'dance of India' is an ancient classical dance form. It combines bhava (emotion), raga (music), andtalam (rhythym), for a complex and intriguing art that is fascinating to watch, and a joy to perform.