For 45 years, the Festifall Arts Festival has celebrated a wide variety of talented artists and craftspeople at our Artist Market street fair located in vibrant downtown Chapel Hill.


Artists featured in the market are exposed to over 15,000 attendees and are selected from a large pool of applicants based on their creativity, ability and use of various mediums. Mediums featured in the Artist Market include ceramics, fiber art, jewelry making, painting, photography, glass art, woodworking and mixed media projects. Additionally, top artists will be selected through jury to receive $1100 in prizes and community recognition. 

Festival attendees can admire and purchase sculptures, drawings, wood-crafts, musical instruments, pottery, basketry, printmaking, jewelry, glass art, fabric art and photography that is originally designed and hand crafted by our featured artists. Festifall is dedicated to presenting unique items that are never manufactured or mass produced.  

Join us in promoting the work of many talented artists, and maybe even take home a few one-of-a-kind treasures of your own!